Process improvement specialists for breweries and beer bottling operations

For years, Wright Process Systems has brought its innovative process improvement methodology to the world of brewing and beer bottling. We apply our experience and process engineering proficiency to beer making operations of all sizes, from small craft brewers to major bottling facilities, helping them produce a more consistent product with better cost efficiency. In addition, our team of designers, welders, and installers can create an aesthetically pleasing production facility that showcases your brand.

Systems we have designed and installed for the beer making industry include:
  • Complete turnkey 50 barrel brewery, including brew house, fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks, filtration system, pasteurization, and bottling line
  • Installation of 15 barrel micro brewery, complete with fermentation tanks, filtration, and kegging line
  • Relocation of complete 100 barrel brewing system, reconfigured and installed in new location
  • Installation of 100 barrel brewing system, completely automated with mixproof valve technology and yeast propagation system
  • CO2 recovery and air scrubbers
  • "Zero oxygen" inert gas purge systems
  • Modular CIP systems with varying chemical program duties