Purity of process, purity of product —
Wright Process Systems’ water process solutions

Bottled water represents an enormous segment of the beverage market, though the marketplace for bottled water and water-related products has become increasingly crowded. To rise above the fray, bottled water producers need to guarantee absolute purity and unassailable quality. Wright Process Systems can help your bottled water processing facility live up to those ideals. We are experts in sanitary process system design, with specialized capabilities in hygienic process piping, automation, fabrication, general construction, and process improvement engineering.

Systems we have designed and installed for the bottled water industry include:
  • Automated control systems
  • Storage tank systems
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems (either skid-based or permanent placement)
  • Membrane filtration skids and systems
  • Pre-process filtration and straining components
  • Water pasteurizers
  • Water UV sterilizers
  • Ingredient and flavor addition
  • Bottling, capping, container handling, and packaging systems