Direct and indirect aseptic systems built to boost
your processing investment

Wright Processing Systems designs, installs, and services both direct and indirect aseptic systems. All systems produce packaged products that meet the requirements of the FDA and USDA, or the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy products. Our design and engineering teams can create customized systems that produce new and unique packaging that helps ensure longer shelf life while being easier on the environment. The end result is a product that has more varied uses, allowing you greater market penetration and better return on your processing system investment.

Systems we have designed and installed for the aseptic processing and packaging industry include:
  • "Zero oxygen" aseptic process systems using inert gas blanketing
  • Sterile steam traced processes from pasteurization through bottling
  • Sterile-grade process systems
  • High-pressure, steam-traced pasteurizers and heat treatment systems
  • UHT Pasteurizers
  • Sterile fill sub-aseptic systems
  • Indirect, non-contact heating systems
  • Plate, tubular, and scraped-surface heat exchanger systems
  • Direct heating systems
  • Culinary steam heating systems
  • Aseptic-grade and high-sterility components—valves, pumps, and more
  • Sterile water and UV water utility systems
  • Aseptic juice and beverage systems