From small plants to “big cheese” operations, Wright Process Systems is a dedicated partner to cheese producers

Wright Process Systems has worked with cheese producers ranging from boutique companies to large-scale processing operations. Our work in the cheese industry includes total plant design and construction projects, including process engineering, CIP system fabrication and installation, utility piping, equipment installation, and automated systems design and integration. We have also built modular HTST and centrifuge separation systems for standardized milk processing prior to cheese production lines. From minor modifications to a total system design and implementation, you’re in good hands with Wright Process Systems.

Systems we have designed and installed for the cheese production industry include:
  • Raw skim and cream separation lines
  • HTST pasteurization and heat treatment systems
  • Standardization systems (fat, protein, or total solids variable control)
  • Culture tanks and additive systems
  • Shred, pack, and block systems
  • Blend and batch systems
  • Fines recovery, concentration, and storage for haul-off
  • Cure rooms with temperature and humidity controls
  • Draining tables and brine pits
  • Double “O” and specialty vats