High-efficiency dairy evaporation systems for premium production

Wright Process Systems specializes in cutting-edge dairy evaporation system installations to concentrate products for secondary liquid processing or drying. Deployed in conjunction with your overall sanitary dairy process, these systems are part of our comprehensive approach to premium dairy product production, which includes our total process improvement initiatives that keep you running at peak performance.

Applications for dairy evaporation include:
  • Centrifuge separation of raw feed product
  • Pre-evaporation and filtration concentrators for increased solids product feed to evaporator
  • Modular whey product MVR evaporators
  • Full scale or modular TVR and MVR dairy evaporators
  • Partnership with top evaporator manufacturers for ground-up evaporator design and installation
  • HTST, medium heat, and high heat treatment systems for evaporators
  • Evaporator repair services, including vacuum side, product side, and pressure side streams
  • Code welding and structural repair services
  • Condensed stream cooling and regenerator plate heat exchangers
  • Seal water distribution and vacuum monitoring systems
  • Cow water reuse and turbidity monitoring
  • Waste water evaporators
  • Centrifuge separator integration into evaporators
  • Decant, CIP, and reclaim systems for evaporators