Bringing experience, innovation, and exemplary quality to raw milk processing

For years Wright Process Systems has worked with a diverse set of dairy producers, including many operations that specialize in raw milk production. Our advanced, sanitary systems help milk producers optimize their output, while our process improvement team can identify and address any weaknesses in existing systems.

Raw milk systems we have designed and installed for the dairy industry include:
  • Sanitary tanks, silos, and processing vessels
  • High speed tanker unloading systems
  • Raw milk distribution air eliminators and flow meters
  • Hot and cold bowl separation systems
  • Standardization systems for fat, protein, and total solids variables
  • Bactofuge and pre-process filtration
  • Batch and blend systems
  • Sanitary piping systems
  • Modular and plant-floor CIP systems
  • Refrigeration and chilled water system
  • Water filtration systems
  • Solids recovery and disposal systems
  • Water flush and pigging product recovery systems
  • Water and waste water management systems