From concept to implementation, Wright Process Systems helps you build a better system

At Wright Process Systems, our customer commitment extends well beyond the design-and-build stages of a project. As your total partner in process improvement, we are available to assist with capital planning at the initial stages of project conception, helping you determine the scope, direction, and cost of a project before outlaying any resources for development. We help customers create plans or sequences of plans for major plant expansions, reductions, and relocations, as well as the implementation of new product lines, new processes, or other major operational changes. Our experience, knowledge, and industry relationships mean we can provide unique and effective insights en route to helping you build projects around your specific needs.

Wright Process Systems brings particular expertise to a variety of capital planning areas, including:
  • Capital expansion budgeting
  • Overall system integration
  • Production resource planning
  • Human resource and operation planning
  • Equipment pricing
  • Pre-engineering
  • Process plant design and engineering

We provide several different studies and evaluations to help you determine the best course of action for your process-related capital expenditures, including:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Product mix evaluation
  • ROI evaluation
  • Procurement evaluation
  • Multi-plant cross production evaluation

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