Wright Process Systems: Dedicated to your ongoing process improvement

Wright Process Systems is your partner in continuous process improvement. Through our collaborative discovery and design process, The Wright Advantage, we work with you on an ongoing basis to constantly identify potential inefficiencies in your system. Then we apply a range of innovative solutions through the execution stage of our process, The Wright Solution. Taken together, this multi-part working system helps us establish a longterm working arrangement dedicated to the continual optimization of your processing system. 

Our continuous process improvement services include:
  • Audits and studies to assess the effectiveness of current systems
  • Improvement-minded process engineering
  • Project management
  • Capital planning for plant expansions and major upgrades
  • Industrial engineering
  • Comprehensive onsite installation, construction, and maintenance
  • Complete automated system design, upgrading, and service
  • Industrial construction ranging from small plant upgrades to large-scale build-outs

Wright Process Systems has applied our continuous process improvement services to a variety of applications, including:
  • Batch and blend system optimization for higher turnover
  • Transfer and distribution piping improvements for cleanability and more suitable product handling
  • Workflow improvements to reduce operator intervention points and time delays
  • Process efficiency improvements through a wide variety of process equipment replacement, retrofits, upgrades, and redundancy implementations
  • Critical control point monitoring systems
  • Reporting system implementation for plant-floor visibility into control elements and trending data
  • Equipment servicing and troubleshooting to maintain quality and efficiency

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