Complex industrial system engineering from
the leaders in process system design

For more than 20 years, Wright Proces Systems has been a leader in complex system engineering for the food and beverage processing industries. Our industrial engineering department creates, upgrades, and modifies large-scale process systems for industrial-scale operations in California and the Western States. We maintain a staff of experienced, versatile engineers who specialize in process design, machine and equipment specification, automation and controls, product/media  filtration and treatment, as well as facility and mechanical system design. We focus on process systems for food, beverage, alcoholic beverage, dairy, industrial process, and several specialty applications.

All industrial engineering projects by Wright Process Systems include computer flow modelling and 3D assembly drawings. We can design and build new plants from the ground up, or apply a range of engineering services to optimize your existing process system for maximum productivity. Our industrial engineering work develops the infrastructure and plant-level services required to keep your sanitary process running strong. We build all plants on a service foundation of dependability and availability, a commitment that we maintain throughout our relationship with you.

With an emphasis on process efficiency, our industrial engineering expertise includes:
  • High- and low-pressure steam generation and distribution
  • Compressed air systems including dehumidification, drying, entrained oil removal, and conditioning
  • Water filtration, distribution, storage, treatment, and monitoring
  • Waste water handling, neutralization, treatment, and mitigation
  • Sterile utility filtration and distribution – sterile steam, sterile air, sterile water, UV water
  • Electrical service and distribution design, from high-voltage city service to low-voltage process usage
  • Chemical and hazardous material distribution, handling, storage, and processing designs
  • Facility and infrastructure improvements, remediation, expansions, and audits
  • General construction services
  • Site improvement services
  • Structural design and installation – pipe racks to tanker canopies
  • OSHA safety improvements
  • Energy and water conservation system design
  • Workflow and ergonomics design
  • Code compliance and regulatory compliance reviews

We have completed a wide range of industrial engineering projects, including:
  • Mezzanine structure design and construction
  • Building expansion feasibility studies
  • Compressed air system improvements – volume and quality increases
  • Clayton steam generator installation with full steam piping
  • Sterile steam systems for dairy direct steam injection applications
  • Silo concrete pad foundation review and design of current code compliant new foundations
  • Structural improvements to old facilities
  • Waste water improvements and treatment system designs
  • Refrigeration system review and recommendation audits
  • Tanker unloading canopies, access platforms, safety gangways, and fall protection for operators
  • Site runoff and rainwater draining improvements
  • Material handling and storage reviews and improvements

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