Engineered for efficiency. Designed for durability.

At Wright Process Systems, we combine a solid résumé of process engineering experience with the best technology from leading process equipment manufacturers to provide the most innovative, efficiency-minded process engineering services in California and the Western States. Our experienced engineers have a proven track record of designing systems to improve product quality, plant safety, process efficiency, system reliability, and regulatory compliance.

We design entire sanitary process systems, or if some portion of your existing system requires modifications, we can create a design to solve process issues while integrating with as many current components of the system as possible.

To begin, Wright Process Systems provides an on-site evaluation of your process systems and a review of your manufacturing requirements. All engineering design work includes project budgeting and schedules, equipment recommendations and pricing, and extensive computer flow modelling with 3-D assembly drawings. Wright Process Systems’ process engineers will assure system performance to your satisfaction before any fabrication or construction begins.

Our process engineering expertise includes:
  • Comprehensive process design, from raw ingredient to finished goods
  • Machine and equipment specification
  • Liquid, powder, solid, semi-solid, gas, and emulsion product handling
  • Scalable designs from pilot plant to multi-facility processing
  • Batching and blending systems
  • Facility layout and design with process optimization
  • Modular and skid system design
  • Process piping design and fabrication
  • Automation, PLC / HMI, control panel system design, and development
  • CIP and COP system design
  • Utility system design – water, steam, air, power, and more
  • Energy and water conservation system design
  • Workflow and ergonomics design
  • Code compliance and regulatory compliance reviews

Our process engineering projects have included:
  • Complete turn-key process system installation, from small soup pilot plants to full scale dairy facilities
  • Aseptic systems for dairy and ESL beverage markets
  • Bakery plant design, including batch dough blending, horizontal mixer dough preparation, and final ingredient addition with inline frying
  • Brewery design and construction from the ground up, and ongoing improvements such as CO2 recovery systems
  • Recipe-driven batching systems with full automation for multiple industries
  • Alcoholic beverage and bottling plant installation, from tanker unloading through bottling and palletizing
  • Bulk solid processing – chocolate chips, orange peels, and many other small-inclusion ingredients up to farm fruit, nut, and vegetable handling
  • Industrial chemical and hazardous material systems
  • Confectionary processing – chocolate, caramel, and other high-viscosity products
  • Drying and evaporation systems
  • Membrane filtration systems
  • Powder handling systems
  • Steam and feedwater systems
  • Waste water systems

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