Aug 2015 image2 1 The four-year-long severe drought in California is receiving national attention, as evidenced by this July article from The New York Times, which talks about how consumers and food producers alike are changing their approach to food amid the reality of more limited water supply.

At home and in restaurants, cooks are steaming or roasting more and boiling less. Farmers are bracing for lower yields, and restaurants are adjusting their menus in preparation for limited access to some food goods. Food producers have had to adjust as well:

“Food producers have been forced to change, too. Cheese makers who rely on milk from animals used to eating lush grass have had to contend with radically different flavors in the milk. Hodo Soy Beanery…had to find a way to streamline its process for making tofu, a food that takes a lot of water to wash and chill.”—Kim Severson, The New York Times

As water supply continues to impact the entire food supply chain, producers are wise to address water usage at their plants now. Learn more about how Wright Process Systems can help design a water-efficient food processing system.