Wright Process Systems’ hold tube fabrication begins with careful process piping design to develop a plan for the appropriate tubing scheme to handle your system’s hold times and flow rates. Then we custom fabricate a stainless steel hold tube assembly to the exact measurements required by your system, finishing it off with a polished frame and support hangers.

Features of our hold tube fabrication include:
  • Built from sanitary grade, polished ID/OD stainless steel
  • Hold tubing for highly corrosive products can be constructed from specialty alloys
  • Structures fabricated in adherence to strict industry regulations for cleaning
  • Hold tubes for pasteurization systems can include temperature monitoring, flow diversion, and recording components
  • Include all required slopes and inclines for drainage
  • Applications include dairy; juice; water; slurry; HTST, UHT, HHHT, ESL aseptic pasteurization; heat treatment; culturing; and tempering processes
  • Multi-zone hold tubes with all necessary components and valves for multi-speed pasteurizers
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