Wright Process Systems custom fabricates valve manifolds specific to your system and to the process flow required by your product. These manifolds are professionally welded for durability and optimal functionality, and designed with forethought to minimize material usage without compromising component strength.

Features of our valve manifold fabrication include:

  • Careful process design to maximize valve functionality
  • Orbital or manual welding with precise heat control
  • Valves designed for compounded tolerances
  • Single seat and mixproof clusters, with sizes from ½” to 6”
  • Aseptic, long stroke, cheese curd, large solids, semi-solid and slurry, and other specialty valve clusters
  • Shop-fabricated or site-fabricated assemblies, including washdown-rated frames
  • Integrated pilot air distribution
  • Advanced valve control networks, including ASi, DeviceNet, Ethernet, ProfiBus, and more
  • Water flush and drain point valve assemblies
  • CIP supply-and-return routing clusters
  • Utility valve manifolds, including distribution, pressure regulation, and use-monitoring assemblies
  • Integration of associated control components optional – flow meters, turbidity sensors, pressure and temperature sensors, and more
Visit our custom fabrication image gallery to see examples of our valve manifolds in action.