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Wright Process Systems offers professional service to commission and validate new systems or significantly modified systems. Our commissioning and validation team is comprised of experienced engineers and technical staff who offer a wealth of process industry knowledge, both within our core specialties and across multiple process system fields. This allows us the rare ability to provide both targeted, industry-specific insight as well as innovative solutions realized from diverse work with several industries. Our team also brings an expert level of system knowledge, ensuring that your plant achieves its optimum operating level.

We fully are committed to making your plant operators the owners of the system. We thoroughly train all operators not only to understand the normal system function, but to also troubleshoot unusual functioning. We do not hold back information. This is your system, and we are dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know.

Wright Process Systems commissioning and validation services include:
  • FAT testing and configuration before shipment
  • Starting up a new or modified system
  • Running complete system tests
  • Qualifying the system against all design parameters
  • Optimizing and tuning the system
  • Validating the process by repeating the same results multiple times consistently
  • Training plant operators
  • Handing over the keys to a well-oiled machine 
  • Reverse engineering existing systems
  • Validation audits for underperforming existing systems
  • Complete documentation for new and existing systems

Wright Process Systems’ commissioning and validation services cover systems in all of our core service areas:
  • Food processing systems
  • Beverage processing systems
  • Dairy processing systems
  • Alcoholic beverage processing systems
  • Industrial process systems
  • Specialty process systems
  • Utility and waste water systems

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