Complete onsite service and troubleshooting to keep your system functioning at its best

Keeping your system running smoothly is just as important to your overall productivity as good system engineering. For this reason, Wright Process Systems maintains a field service and troubleshooting team that’s capable of handling just about any process system abnormality—quickly and cost efficiently. Whether we designed the system or you used another company, we can diagnose and address your issue, providing the full range of onsite services to fix the problem and get you back to optimum productivity. And while we’re at it, our process improvement team can evaluate your system to see if there are any opportunities to boost your productivity and enhance your efficiency.

Wright Process Systems’ field service and troubleshooting work includes the complete range of onsite technical services, including:
  • Troubleshooting and alignment of process and utility valves
  • Pump rebuilds, motor swaps, and alignment checks
  • Hydraulic circuit review and improvements
  • Heat exchanger tear-downs, re-gasketing, re-streaming, and plate replacements
  • Process equipment general services, including troubleshooting – can escalate to involve the equipment manufacturer for a joint service call
  • Confined space tank entry, dye checking and repair
  • Comprehensive field process piping installation, repair, rework, and modifications
  • Sanitary TIG purge welding
  • Demolition and haul-off
  • Process instrumentation installation and configuration
  • Full scale plant construction, process and utility, and equipment installation

Wright Process Systems’ field service and troubleshooting cover systems in all of our core service areas:
  • Food processing systems
  • Beverage processing systems
  • Dairy processing systems
  • Alcoholic beverage processing systems
  • Industrial process systems
  • Specialty process systems

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