Aug 2015 image1 1As we close out the summer, the California drought and water-use topics remain a top concern for many of our food producer clients, and they are looking to OEMs and engineering firms like Wright Process Systems to help them identify ways to reduce, reuse and recycle water. In fact, WPS is the perfect partner for equipment manufacturers in helping your customers address this problem, because we have the expertise necessary to install your water-efficient systems and integrate them with the customer’s existing processing lines and utilities.

In a piece for Food Manufacturing, water industry expert Nate Maguire wrote, “Water reuse, including reclaimed and recycled water, is one method food and beverage facilities can employ to alleviate business risk, enhance sustainability practices and safeguard water quality standards by decreasing the plant’s dependency on external water sources.”

As you approach a customer who is looking for ways to save water, keep in mind that we can help identify ways to reclaim and reuse water on-site as well. The overall goal is to equip food manufacturers with the knowledge and equipment they need to save water and use it wisely in their operations.

The EPA has published a guidebook, WaterSense, which helps manufacturers identify areas where they can conserve water. It recommends the following options for reclaiming “onsite alternative water sources,” which it defines as “water discharge from one application or process that is captured, treated and utilized in another application.” This reusable water may come from various sources, according to WaterSense, including:
  • Rainwater
  • Drain water
  • Gray water (treated)
  • Air conditioning condensate
  • Reverse osmosis system wastewater
  • Cooling equipment
The publication goes on to note where this reclaimed water can be reused in the facility, including:
  • Irrigation
  • Toilets
  • Cooling towers
  • Landscaping (ponds, waterfalls, etc.)
  • Hood scrubbers
  • Other processes where potable water is not required
The recapture of this water will usually require treatment of some kind, which opens up an additional sales opportunity for associated equipment, including filtration and other treatment process equipment. WPS can help the customer identify these areas, design a system that can utilize this filtered or treated water and integrate the system into the overall plant process.

WPS can help you and your customer create a fully integrated water reuse system, and we can also help manage any permit and code requirements, thanks to our general contracting expertise and experience. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your customer’s water-related projects.