Professional service for heavy duty rigging, crane work, large-scale assemblies, and demolition

Our full-featured construction and onsite service offerings include rigging and crane work for large-scale installations and plant modifications. Wright Process Systems maintains the expertise and the staff to handle everything from silo setting to demolition and structure removal. It’s all part of our commitment to being your total process improvement partner.

Wright Process Systems can ably manage a wide range of rigging and crane work, including:
  • Demolition and crane removal of old system parts
  • Silo and vessel setting
  • Jack and roll work to rig equipment into buildings
  • Tight clearance crane rigging
  • Tank tripping and move-out
  • “Zero-clearance” tank rigging
  • Crane installations of extremely heavy construction elements
  • Crane and rigging support for construction services, from air handler setting to concrete wall tilt-up

Installations completed by our rigging and crane team include:
  • Large-scale silo installations
  • Process equipment rigging, from modular skids to compound equipment pieces
  • Access platform and support frame installations
  • Control and electrical panel rigging and setting
  • Installation of reinforced concrete roof slabs weighing more than 130,000 pounds

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Visit our Rigging image gallery to see examples of our rigging and crane-related projects.