Utility piping to ensure that your plant runs the way it’s supposed to

Part of our commitment to your total process improvement is a comprehensive menu of plant construction and installation services. In addition to all of our process system work, we also design and build complete utility systems to support your plant’s overall functioning. Treated as an afterthought by many of our competitors, we understand that utility systems are essential to your operation; without them, the production line cannot be turned on. Accordingly, we maintain expert-level engineers, construction professionals, and installers who are well versed in utility piping and utility systems, including all of the relevant codes and regulations.

Wright Process Systems manages the full range of critical utility systems and utility piping projects, including:
  • Steam systems—sterile steam, culinary steam, high pressure steam, low pressure steam
  • Water systems—filtered water, city water, process water, RO water, softened water, heated water, sterile water, UV water, DI water, chilled water, glycol water, tower water, ice water, plant water
  • Compressed air systems—sterile air, dehumidified air, de-oiled air, heated air, service air, instrument air
  • Waste water systems—waste water treatment, effluent handling, waste water monitoring, waste water equalization, waste water neutralization
  • Solids recovery systems
  • High strength waste systems
  • Bulk chemical distribution and piping

Our utility systems experts can produce all the projects you need to get up and running. For example:
  • Chilled water piping drops to bakery mixers
  • Hot water circuit distribution headers and piping
  • Jacketed process piping and associated hot water circuits
  • Copper hot water piping and recirculation pump installation
  • Sanitary sterile compressed air receiver with stainless steel auto drain
  • Plant main utility piping, including steel, pre-insulated Cool-Fit, and carbon steel piping materials
  • Water softener installation
  • Main steam header installation
  • Hot water storage tank with indirect heater skid
  • Skid-mounted air compressor and dryer installation
  • Steam-to-condensate receiver tank and condensate pump

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Visit our Utility Piping image gallery to see examples of our utility piping projects.