Industrial-scale food processing from the leaders in sanitary food process systems

Wright Process Systems is your full-featured partner in speciality and bulk ingredient processing. Our skilled process engineers can design a new system or enhance your current facility to help you manage large-scale ingredient processes, including particle size reduction, screening and sifting, premixing and blending, and packaging for bulk ingredients of both dry and liquid products. As a licensed general construction contractor, we can build your bulk ingredient processing plant from the ground up. Or we can call on our well-trained fabricators, installers, and maintenance professionals to make key adjustments to your current system.

Systems we have designed and installed for the bulk ingredient processing industry include:
  • Semi-solid and solid inclusion metering hoppers and screw augers
  • Customized metering auger assembly with slide rail and trolley
  • High fructose syrup product piping and pump
  • Powder conveyance and distribution
  • Storage vessels, single wall or jacketed for heating and cooling
  • Distribution and handling of sensitive ingredients, including oils, spices, sugars, syrups, semi-solids, slurries, and more
  • Centralized IBC (intermediate bulk container) tote unloading rack, pumps, and piping
  • Tote, drum, and carton loading and unloading systems
  • Defrost, pre-heat, and pre-cool enclosures
  • Cooler, freezer, or heater box construction, from single drum to full warehouse scale