Sophisticated, power-generating solutions for industrial chemical processing

Wright Process Systems understands that a major infrastructure utility for most food manufacturers is their steam-generation system. With a long history of installing and servicing steam systems, our expertise lies in not just the steam boiler itself, but in the application and use of the steam in the food production process.

Systems we have designed and installed for steam generation include:
  • Full-scale boiler and steam generator installations
  • Simplex and duplex boiler feedwater systems
  • Boiler steam generator installations with code-compliant make-up air and exhaust ducting
  • Construction services for code-compliant boiler rooms
  • Fire-suppression and sprinkler systems
  • Rigging and craning to set large boiler skids
  • Steam pressure regulating trains and components
  • Sterile steam filter assembly installations for direct steam injection and product contact steam heating
  • Specialty, purpose-driven steam designs for nut pasteurization, diary pasteurization, aseptic processing, steam-in-place cleaning, and more
  • Boiler de-aerated feedwater skid system, including onsite assembly, electrical and controls integration, and access platforms
  • Support for global boiler manufacturers, including Clayton Industries, Hurst Boiler, Parker, Cleaver Brooks, and more