Water management systems that maximize energy, resources, and productivity

Water is essential to many industrial processes, as are effective processes to filter and treat the water used in the system. Outgoing wastewater is, in many cases, just as important to manage. Wright Process Systems designs, builds, and maintains water and wastewater process systems that include physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove contaminants and return water to a usable state, or treat it to a level that is acceptable for discharge into municipal water systems.

Systems we have designed and installed for water and wastewater processing include:
  • RO filtration systems for process water
  • UV sterilization systems
  • De-ionized water systems
  • Water pasteurizers
  • Process by-product water handling, including cow water, polished water, high-strength waste water, and rinse water
  • Washdown and sanitation water reuse, storage, and treatment
  • Full-scale industrial waste water system installation, including DAF skid, equalization tanks, screen sorter, chemical flocculation skid, and de-sludge solids collection tank
  • Media filtration for waste water applications
  • Cartridge and membrane filtration for water, concentrates, and liquid ingredients
  • Bulk filtration and strainers for receiving stations
  • High strength waste water neutralization tanks and pump-down piping, complete with relay-logic control systems
  • Waste water pumping vaults, including underground vaults, precast concrete vaults, and custom-designed vaults designed for floatation resistance to a high water table
  • Indoor pumping vault for process waste handling