Raw Milk

Bringing experience, innovation, and exemplary quality to raw milk processing

For years Wright Process Systems has worked with a diverse set of dairy producers, including many operations that specialize in raw milk production. Our advanced, sanitary systems help milk producers optimize their output, while our process improvement team can identify and address any weaknesses in existing systems.

Raw milk systems we have designed and installed for the dairy industry include:

  • Sanitary tanks, silos, and processing vessels
  • High speed tanker unloading systems
  • Raw milk distribution air eliminators and flow meters
  • Hot and cold bowl separation systems
  • Standardization systems for fat, protein, and total solids variables
  • Bactofuge and pre-process filtration
  • Batch and blend systems
  • Sanitary piping systems
  • Modular and plant-floor CIP systems
  • Refrigeration and chilled water system
  • Water filtration systems
  • Solids recovery and disposal systems
  • Water flush and pigging product recovery systems
  • Water and waste water management systems

Pasteurized Milk

Broad dairy production expertise applied to your specific milk production application

Wright Process Systems has more than 20 years of experience working with leading dairy producers in California and the Western States. Our process system expertise includes pasteurized milk plants for a wide variety of high-quality milk products. With a wide base of knowledge in all facets of dairy production, we bring both specific pasteurized milk experience, as well as innovative design insights gained from working in related fields.

Systems we have designed and installed for the pasteurized milk industry include:

  • HTST and vat pasteurization
  • UHT, ESL, and aseptic pasteurization
  • PMO, USDA, and local California regulatory body compliant designs
  • Heat treatment (medium and high heat) systems
  • Homogenizer installations
  • Separator integration into pasteurizers
  • Pasteurized silo storage and distribution systems
  • Feed heaters and coolers between process stages
  • Dryer feed systems, including dual feed redundant designs
  • Evaporation, drying, and filtration systems
  • Thermal systems for pasteurization
  • Sanitary tanks and vessels
  • Clean-in-place systems
  • Valve silo feed cluster
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water flush and pigging product recovery systems
  • Water and waste water management systems

Ice Cream

Freeze out the competition with our state-of-the-art ice cream process systems

Wright Process System is your competitive advantage in ice cream production. We have extensive experience designing state-of-the-art ice cream processing systems that range from large-scale production facilities to specialized HTST modular systems for research and development. We have worked with regional producers as well as leading international ice cream manufacturers to develop systems that work precisely for the requirements of the product. We draw out all designs with cutting-edge CAD and engineering software to ensure total customer satisfaction before any system fabrication begins.

Systems we have designed and installed for the ice cream industry include:

  • PMO unique mixproof valve systems for flavor vats
  • Self-contained skidded, modular HTST systems
  • Mix and blend tanks and vats
  • Freezers, fruit feeders, and specialty process equipment
  • Standardization systems for milk feed streams
  • Vacuum extractors
  • Cup, carton, bar, and container filling lines and systems
  • Low friction pumping systems to protect product texture and quality
  • Homogenizers and centrifuge separators
  • Sugar and liquid ingredient injection
  • Solid and semi-solid ingredient addition
  • High shear mix blenders and liquifiers
  • Cream handling, unloading, and transferring systems
  • Clean-in-place systems
  • Sanitary piping systems
  • Refrigeration and storage systems


High-efficiency dairy evaporation systems for premium production

Wright Process Systems specializes in cutting-edge dairy evaporation system installations to concentrate products for secondary liquid processing or drying. Deployed in conjunction with your overall sanitary dairy process, these systems are part of our comprehensive approach to premium dairy product production, which includes our total process improvement initiatives that keep you running at peak performance.

Applications for dairy evaporation include:

  • Centrifuge separation of raw feed product
  • Pre-evaporation and filtration concentrators for increased solids product feed to evaporator
  • Modular whey product MVR evaporators
  • Full scale or modular TVR and MVR dairy evaporators
  • Partnership with top evaporator manufacturers for ground-up evaporator design and installation
  • HTST, medium heat, and high heat treatment systems for evaporators
  • Evaporator repair services, including vacuum side, product side, and pressure side streams
  • Code welding and structural repair services
  • Condensed stream cooling and regenerator plate heat exchangers
  • Seal water distribution and vacuum monitoring systems
  • Cow water reuse and turbidity monitoring
  • Waste water evaporators
  • Centrifuge separator integration into evaporators
  • Decant, CIP, and reclaim systems for evaporators


High-efficiency dairy drying systems for premium production

High-efficiency dairy drying systems for premium production As a complete partner to the dairy processing industry, Wright Process Systems rounds out its dairy-related services with the latest solutions in dairy drying technology. Our advanced, sanitary systems convert liquid feedstock to high-quality powders with specific functional characteristics. Combined with our innovative process system engineering, our dairy drying solutions not only produce excellent dairy powder products, but also facilitate the efficient processing, packaging, and distribution of those powders.

Systems we have designed and installed for dairy drying include:

  • Centrifuge separation of raw feed product
  • Evaporation and filtration concentration for high solids product
  • Partnership with top dryer manufacturers for spray dryer design and installation
  • Full onsite rebuild services – resheeting, baghouse
  • retrofits, air handling improvements, CIP upgrades, and more
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Deluge / water quench systems
  • Air temperature monitoring and damper control systems
  • High pressure single and dual feed systems
  • Full CIP and reclaim systems
  • Structural support and access platform installations
  • Air ducting and air handling system installations
  • Powder conveyance with dehumidified air, screw conveyor, or vacuum technology


From small plants to “big cheese” operations, Wright Process Systems is a dedicated partner to cheese producers

Wright Process Systems has worked with cheese producers ranging from boutique companies to large-scale processing operations. Our work in the cheese industry includes total plant design and construction projects, including process engineering, CIP system fabrication and installation, utility piping, equipment installation, and automated systems design and integration. We have also built modular HTST and centrifuge separation systems for standardized milk processing prior to cheese production lines. From minor modifications to a total system design and implementation, you’re in good hands with Wright Process Systems.

Systems we have designed and installed for the cheese production industry include:

  • Raw skim and cream separation lines
  • HTST pasteurization and heat treatment systems
  • Standardization systems (fat, protein, or total solids variable control)
  • Culture tanks and additive systems
  • Shred, pack, and block systems
  • Blend and batch systems
  • Fines recovery, concentration, and storage for haul-off
  • Cure rooms with temperature and humidity controls
  • Draining tables and brine pits
  • Double “O” and specialty vats


Superior dairy system expertise for a process that’s as smooth as butter

Wright Process Systems works with all manner of dairy product producers in California and the Western States, including makers of butter and butter-derivative products. Our sophisticated, sanitary process systems optimize output without compromising quality, helping you deliver a top-shelf product more efficiently than ever before.

Systems we have designed and installed for the butter production industry include:

  • Butter additive injection skids
  • Liquid flavoring and coloring blend systems
  • Butter mixers and blenders
  • Agitated storage and day-use silos
  • Internally blasted piping systems
  • Oil blending systems
  • Labeling and label printing equipment
  • Tower block forming systems
  • Packing, cartoning, and palletizing lines
  • Remelt and reuse handling, blending, and storage systems

Aseptic Process

Direct and indirect aseptic systems built to boost your processing investment

Wright Processing Systems designs, installs, and services both direct and indirect aseptic systems. All systems produce packaged products that meet the requirements of the FDA and USDA, or the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for dairy products. Our design and engineering teams can create customized systems that produce new and unique packaging that helps ensure longer shelf life while being easier on the environment. The end result is a product that has more varied uses, allowing you greater market penetration and better return on your processing system investment.

Systems we have designed and installed for the aseptic processing and packaging industry include:

  • "Zero oxygen" aseptic process systems using inert gas blanketing
  • Sterile steam traced processes from pasteurization through bottling
  • Sterile-grade process systems
  • High-pressure, steam-traced pasteurizers and heat treatment systems
  • UHT Pasteurizers
  • Sterile fill sub-aseptic systems
  • Indirect, non-contact heating systems
  • Plate, tubular, and scraped-surface heat exchanger systems
  • Direct heating systems
  • Culinary steam heating systems
  • Aseptic-grade and high-sterility components—valves, pumps, and more
  • Sterile water and UV water utility systems
  • Aseptic juice and beverage systems