Fully customized clean-in-place systems
optimized for your process system

Wright Process Systems specializes in cutting-edge, sanitary, clean-in-place (CIP) systems that can be skid-mounted or secured to the plant floor. We have developed a standardized, systematic approach to specifying our CIP skidded systems. Using a modular mechanical and control foundation, we offer full system customization to optimize it for your facility. The result is both increased efficiency and cost savings for you.

Features of our CIP capabilities include:
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 tank systems (rinse, acid wash, caustic wash, recovery)
  • Single-use and multi-pass systems
  • Multi-circuit systems
  • Aseptic and sterile grade CIP systems
  • Solids recovery and high-strength waste integration
  • Raw and pasteurized segregated circuits
  • Mixproof CIP integration into high-availability productions
  • Skid-mounting for ease of integration
  • Shop or field fabrication
  • Design for process-specific turbulent flow velocity to assure optimal cleaning
  • Customization for any application
  • Industry-standard PLC and HMI control systems
  • Integrated caustic, acid, and/or sanitizer injection
  • Pneumatic and electrical pre-wiring
  • Access platforms and catwalks for larger systems

Learn more about the customizable, modular CIP systems offered by Wright Process Control. (PDF)

Visit our CIP/COP image gallery to see examples of our systems in action.