Wright Process Systems engineers modular, skidded, high-temperature-short-time (HTST) systems for pasteurizing perishable beverages and dairy products. Our systems are specifically designed to maintain product quality, protein and ingredient integrity, and consistency—all within a volume-oriented production environment.

Features of our HTST pasteurization systems include:
  • Dairy applications including HTST, HHHT, UHT, and aspetic pasteurization
  • Beverage applications including juice, water, smoothie (slurry), and organic-base pasteurization
  • Balance tanks with level control, hot water set, hold tube loop, and booster and timing pumps
  • Skidded systems mounted on stainless steel frames
  • Fully automated control systems including onboard PLC, HMI, and recording features
  • Digital monitoring of flow rate, temperature, pressure, time, PID tuning parameters, and auto-run functions
Visit our image gallery to see examples of our systems in action.