A vital component in pasteurization, standard dairy processes, and liquid processing at large, the transfer, reuse, and recovery of thermal energy is one of the most common processes in food production. Wright Process Systems has a long history of close collaboration with food and beverage producers, which helps us consistently recommend, install, and integrate the right heat transfer system for your specific process. In addition, implementing recovery systems to allow for thermal regeneration and reuse directly improves processing efficiency and lowers operating costs. 

Examples of our heat transfer systems include:

  • Tubular heat exchangers
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Scraped surface heat exchangers
  • Pasteurization heating, cooling, and regeneration
  • Evaporator cow water regeneration
  • Steam and condensate energy recovery
  • Boiler flue gas energy recovery
  • Boiler feedwater pre-heating
  • Raw to finished product stream regeneration
  • Electric immersion and inline heating
  • Multi-phase recovery, such as gas to liquid
  • On demand heat reuse, such as hot water loops
Visit our image gallery to see examples of our systems in action.