Wright Process Systems supplies and maintains a diverse set of tanks and vessels specifically designed for food and beverage process systems. From flavor vats to silos to balance tanks, we supply a full menu of processing and storage vessels. And if a pre-fabricated vessel doesn’t exist to match your exact needs, we can custom-fabricate one for you. We support all tanks and vessels with professional process engineering and process piping to integrate them seamlessly into your system.

Examples from our wide selection of tanks and vessels include:
  • Jacketed dairy-grade flavor vats, batch tanks, and processors
  • Jacketed silos and vessels for ammonia, chilled water, hot water, and other media
  • Direct steam injection processing vessels
  • Multi-zone processors and cooker/coolers
  • Batch pasteurization tanks
  • High viscosity ice cream mix-day tanks with custom high- to low-shear agitation
  • Single and double wall, code-compliant, alcohol product silos and tanks
  • Day tanks for chemicals and ingredient usages
  • Site fabricated silos and vessels, including dairy-grade tanks
  • Onsite vessel repair, rebuild, removal, and installation, including repair of collapsed silos
  • Passivation of new silos
  • Repair services, including dye checking, agitator repair, pressure checking, jacket testing, X-ray investigation, and scaffolding for regulatory inspection
  • Integrated level controls, overflow ports, vacuum breakers, air reliefs, sight tubes, access ladders, CIP spray balls or rotary cleaners, and many other features
Visit our specialty vessels and tanks image gallery to see examples of our systems in action.