Applying an intelligent model to your process system automation

Motor control systems offer a way to boost overall system performance by increasing operational efficiency. Using today’s most sophisticated solutions, Wright Process Systems can upgrade and automate your system with intelligent motor control devices that provide vital operational data to help you enhance processes, streamline workflow, increase production, and improve energy efficiency. Employed as part of our total, plant-wide process improvement initiative, motor control systems can provide a system-wide solution to help you achieve more productive, more forward-thinking plant automation.

Wright Process Systems works with a variety of motor control technologies, including:
  • Allen-Bradley Logix control platforms
  • CENTERLINE® Motor Control Centers
  • Kinetix® Servo Drives
  • PowerFlex® Drives
  • Supporting additional manufacturers and brands, including ABB, GE, Siemens, Square D, ACTech / Lenze America, TB Woods, and more

Wright Process Systems has implemented sophisticated motor control systems in a variety of settings, including:
  • Centralized MCC room construction with Ethernet communication integration
  • Main power gear installation and distribution throughout plants
  • High-voltage, step-down transformer installations, 12KVa to 460 VAC
  • Phase and frequency transitions for international equipment support
  • Distributed motor control with plant-floor drive mounts
  • Localized and mobile motor solutions for mobile equipment, including wireless control integration

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