Automating your process for maximum productivity and cost efficiency

Wright Process Systems designs, builds, and installs automation packages and process control systems to help your system run more efficiently while saving you valuable man hours. Our state-of-the-art process control systems do more than simply put your process on autopilot; they help you streamline your workflow and maximize your internal resources for maximum production. Designed by our process engineering team, our automation solutions help small crews of operators manage large-scale production from a central control panel. And, of course, every solution includes A-to-Z training and support as part of our commitment to your total process improvement.

Our process systems control expertise includes:
  • Control panel installation and system automation
  • Allen-Bradley PLC based control solutions, including programming and training
  • All stages of production, from ingredient batch controls to packaging automation
  • Field expansion and upgrades of control systems
  • Re-engineering for automation of existing systems
  • Instrumentation and field monitoring solutions
  • Application-specific control schemes, from batch recipe programs to continuous process packages

Wright Process Systems brings a diverse and deep set of experience in control panel assemblies, including:
  • Intrinsically safe PLC, low voltage, and pneumatic control system
  • Bar-code scanner for ingredient batch selection entry and tracking
  • Modular CIP skid control packages
  • Condiment batch system with PLC automation package, complete with on-board Rice Lake weigh scale controllers
  • Waste water pH neutralization control systems with ABB pH controller and strip chart recorder, high voltage and control voltage power distribution, motor starter, level controls, and pneumatic controls

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