Direct steam heating for better energy efficiency

Wright Process Systems is a leading integrator of direct steam injection systems, which offer many benefits to modern process plants. One of our key manufacturers is Hydro-Thermal, makers of three-way valves to heat or cook process fluids with steam. The valves are used in cooking meat slurries, soup or sauces, and ingredient water, as well as for central hot water, CIP, pasteurization, and sanitary water. Hydro-Thermal's expertise in animal protein, food and beverage, cooking, sanitation, and industrial hot water enables robust steam mixing control valves to match our client’s process conditions.

Hydro-Thermal’s Hydroheater valves not only help food and beverage plants produce consistent product batches in a bacteria-free environment; they also produce substantial return on investment through the long-term cost savings of more energy-efficient functioning.
Hydroheaters employ a direct steam heating method, meaning they infuse steam straight into the process fluid. This method is 100% energy efficient because it uses both the latent and sensible heat available in the steam. Energy savings are particularly significant when compared to heat exchangers and spargers.

The Hydroheater’s internal parts precisely mix metered amounts of steam directly with a liquid or slurry, providing instantaneous transfer of heat from steam to the liquid. Steam immediately condenses, eliminating hammer and vibration, and causes a turbulent mixing action that self-cleans the unit. Two distinct properties for effective heating of liquids or slurries are used. These methods maximize control of the process for:
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Smooth operation
  • Flexibility to optimize performance under varying conditions
  • High velocity steam mixing homogeneously to provide the highest probability of rapid condensation
Specifically in the food, beverage, and meat processing industries, the steam heaters are used to replace indirect heat exchangers or sparge units. Due to Hydro-Thermal’s process expertise and depth of engineering knowledge, the solutions result in dramatic energy cost savings and reduced water usage. Other benefits include consistent heating and cooking through smart technology systems.

Wright Process Systems can implement Hydro-Thermal Hydroheaters across a range of different process systems for maximum efficiency and productivity. The products are ISO 9001:2008, ASME CRN, CE, B31.1 piping and B31.3 welding certified. The industrial and sanitary 3A certified heaters easily process water to molasses-like process fluids and slurries with high-uptime and minimum maintenance compared to sparging and heat exchangers.

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