Bringing superior quality, variety, and efficiency to baked goods processing

Wright Process Systems has worked with industrial bakeries and large-scale baked goods producers for more than two decades. Our process engineers can build a system that maintains the highest quality, meets all applicable regulations, and maintains high levels of efficiency, from the input of ingredients to the final packaging of the finished product. Also, our forward-thinking approach to process design can yield an adaptable system, helping you vary production for a greater mix of products.

Systems we have designed, built, and installed for the baked goods industry include:
  • Dough mixer installations, including liquid ingredient distributions piping
  • Batter batching system modifications and optimizations
  • Fryer line installations
  • High-pressure pumping circuits for yeast and batter products
  • Clean-in-place systems for high-soils bakery equipment
  • Dough mixer line with egg distribution piping
  • Bakery walk-in oven installation, including gas piping and exhaust flue ducting
  • Topping depositor installation
  • Oven installation, including make-up and exhaust air system
  • Wash and sanitation systems
  • Fire-rated construction improvements to high-temperature baking areas
  • Fire-suppression and sprinkler systems
  • CO2 and non-liquid fire protection systems for oil and fryer lines