Turning your sweet dreams into reality

From chocolate to hard candy to chewing gum, confectionary processing is one of the most demanding, highly specific areas of food processing. For decades, Wright Process Systems has worked closely with the makers of sweet treats of all shapes, colors, and sizes—from ice cream to candy bars and everything in between. We understand the regulations and the technical requirements of confectionary production. We bring deep experience to the design and construction of confectionary process systems. Most important, we know how to take your sweet-tooth visions from concept to reality.

Wright Process Systems confectionary system work has included:
  • Stainless jacketed piping fabrication
  • Fully “pig-able” designs
  • Freezing and vacuum extrusion
  • Gentle product handling considerations
  • Customized product recovery systems
  • Metal detection and product safety
  • Tempering, de-tempering, and crystalizing mitigation
  • Ingredient addition, including dairy cream injection
  • Traditional and modern conching
  • Product-specific automation and controls
  • Inclusion and ingredient additions
  • Powder and semi-solid conveyance systems
  • Heat tracing and temperature controls
  • Jacketed vessels and containers
  • Recirculation loops to prevent product set-up
  • Product-specific cleaning and sanitation systems
  • Utility distribution systems, including hot water, steam, cooling water, plant water, and compressed air
  • On-demand hot water recirculation systems