Wright Process Systems offers a customized, client-focused
approach to process systems design and implementation

Every new working relationship with Wright Process Systems begins with a collaborative discovery and design phase called The Wright Advantage. During this process, our team works with you closely to determine not only your immediate needs but the best solution for the future prosperity of your company.

Yes, we provide parts, service, and installations, but these are just the end results of our process. The true benefit of working with Wright Process Systems comes from our innovative discover-design-optimize process. 

What does this mean for you? When you call Wright Process Systems, our immediate and unwavering commitment is to deliver a straightforward, supportive, and experienced technical partnership that results in total process improvement for your operation. We look at your entire system, or the system that you intend to build, and leverage our experience and expertise to develop a plan that improves your efficiency, maximizes your productivity, and, ultimately, boosts your profits. Typically, this approach actually saves you time and money in the long term over simple one-off service bookings.

The Wright Advantage is all about our family-oriented business qualities and energetic commitment to your success that no other company can provide. This "recommendation stage" of the process may include:
  • Initial discussion and review
  • In-person consultation and in-depth evaluation
  • Careful consideration of the goals that matter to you
  • Consideration of use—we spend just as much time thinking about building a solution as thinking about how you'll operate, support, and maintain that solution
  • Application of our diverse experience
  • Consideration of boundaries, including budget and time allowances
  • Pre-emptive troubleshooting—if we can solve your problem on the spot with a quick recommendation, it's on the house
  • Delivery of the appropriate recommendation for next steps, which could be drawings, a proposal for work to be performed, a written report, or other deliverables.