Food product processing systems optimized for success

Wright Process Systems has worked with leading food processors for decades, establishing a strong foundation for helping today’s food production facilities achieve better end products. Through our collaborative process, The Wright Advantage, and our emphasis on process improvement engineering, we tailor each customer experience to help you function more efficiently, increase yields, and lower costs without sacrificing quality.

As a licensed general contractor, we bring complete design/build capabilities with specialized expertise in process systems engineering and stainless steel component custom fabrication for all manner of sanitary processing equipment.

Wright Process Systems focuses on several food specialty markets:

Fruit, Vegetable & Nut

Wright Process Systems works with fruit, vegetable, and nut processors to create high-capacity, high-efficiency processing systems that generate premium quality products in the most cost-effective manner possible...


Prepared Foods

With more than two decades of experience working closely with the food processing industry, Wright Process Systems has both the institutional knowledge and the in-house technical capabilities to design, fabricate, and install all manner of prepared food processing...


Frozen Foods

Calling on an extensive background in food process engineering, coupled with an innovative approach to total system improvement, Wright Process Systems works with frozen food producers to design, build, modify, and optimize all manner of frozen food production...


Canned Foods

Whether you’re canning vegetables, sauces, meats, or other food items, Wright Process Systems can design, develop, and deliver a sanitary process system for efficiently canning food into airtight containers with enhanced shelf life. We offer complete processing...


Bulk Ingredients

Wright Process Systems is your full-featured partner in speciality and bulk ingredient processing. Our skilled process engineers can design a new system or enhance your current facility to help you manage large-scale ingredient processes, including particle...


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