Industrial Process

Integrated solutions that bring new levels of productivity to industrial process systems

Wright Process Systems brings a proven proficiency to the safe, efficient, and reliable engineering of systems for a wide range of chemical and industrial process applications. By evaluating your business needs and the functioning of your system, we can design, fabricate, and install state-of-the-art systems for processing chemicals, hazardous materials, waste water, gas, alternative fuels, biological products, and other industrial products. We also specialize in optimizing existing systems for more efficient operation, lowering your long-term costs and improving your workflow.

Wright Process Systems focuses on several industrial process specialty markets:

Chemical/Hazardous Process

Efficiency and safety are of paramount concern when creating or adapting a chemical/hazardous material processing system. Fortunately, Wright Process Systems has more than two decades of experience designing, building, servicing, and modifying...


Chemical Distribution

Converting a laboratory process into successful commercial production can be challenging. Fortunately Wright Process Systems comes to the table with more than two decades of experience designing and building industrial-scale process systems for a wide...


Water & Waste Water

Water is essential to many industrial processes, as are effective processes to filter and treat the water used in the system. Outgoing wastewater is, in many cases, just as important to manage. Wright Process Systems designs, builds, and maintains...



Wright Process Systems understands that a major infrastructure utility for most food manufacturers is their steam-generation system. With a long history of installing and servicing steam systems, our expertise lies in not just the steam boiler itself...


Alternative Fuel

Alternative fuel production is a constantly changing field, with new technology, scientific developments, and regulations altering the industry on a regular basis. Wright Process Systems understands this shifting landscape and how to best design, implement...


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